Santa Maria, California

In 2018, the Jackson Family Winery hired Omni Design to provide entitlement services, and design of a semi-enclosed 28,000 SF metal canopy and structural frame over the existing wine tanks.

The wall facing the main entrance of the tasting room, was designed using perforated metal panels over metal girt framing to act as a wine tank showcase, partially screening the wine tanks, some up to 30’ tall, adding visual interest to the facility.

In 2021, Omni redesigned the existing tasting room façade and patio at the main entrance to the facility.  The improvements  included new doors and windows, architectural pop-outs, new guardrails, permanent shade structures, and a monumental barn door with laser-cut aluminum panels to match the new guardrail material.

The project included accessible parking, accessible paths of travel, stairways, and landscaping.  Omni prepared the architectural drawings and details for the new façade, patio, and shade structures, and prepared topographic surveys.

Contact Person

Shane Maples Vice-President and Director of Architecture

Shane Maples
Vice-President and Director of Architecture