Omni Design has 3D visualization team that helps fellow architects, engineers, and developers to communicate the look and feel of projects. This way, they can address their clients, authorities and other stakeholders in a more appealing and intuitive way than a set of plans.

We can deliver 3D renders, videos or digital models with different levels of definition and detailing where clients can navigate their projects with just a browser and internet connection. You can use any of these products for the following use cases: 

Design Approval: a render, video or better a walk through a digital model will make the client understand in detail what the project´s design entails. 

Real Estate Marketing: how do you sell projects that have not been constructed yet? 3D visualization tools can make clients fall in love with the project before it has come to life or charm investors in order to raise capital. 

Stakeholders engagement: site analysis and design approval needs community and authorities engagement for private or public infrastructure developments that involve multiple stakeholders interests.  It is easier to discuss and address issues when everybody is on the same page of what a project will look and feel like. 

How does it work?

01. Contact us

Contact us with a project brief and we can set up a videocall to discuss your needs, and provide you a quote with the scope of work within 24 hrs. 

02. Work Progress

Once the scope of work is approved,  our international production team gets hands-on and presents you the progress to receive feedback, make corrections or move forward. 

03. Approve the work

Approve the work and get your rendering products delivered. 

Our promise to our clients is to get quality products and competitive rates within a short period of time. The key to this success is our robust international team of architects and graphic designers that provide the man-power and cost structure to meet clients deadlines and budgets.  

Contact us

Benjamin Aguilera

Benjamin Aguilera