2Thirty3 Mixed Use Development

Lompoc, California

This is a new 3-story, 14,200 SF building that combines 10,000 SF of office space with 4,200 SF of residential space (six units total). The site is zoned Old Town Commercial with a Redevelopment Overlay to encourage residential development in commercial zones characterized by pedestrian-friendly environments including street-front stores and offices.

The interior layout included separate stairways, strategically located to provide private entrances to the residential units without needing to cross into the commercial spaces.

The City’s design guidelines required that the primary building entrance face the street or be connected with walkways to public places.  The building’s main entrance required enhanced architectural features such as changes in plane, differentiation in materials and colors, lighting, and modulation of roof lines, to define the building entrance.

Openings in the building facade were required to have transparent glazing to provide views into work areas and lobbies.  A minimum of sixty percent of the building facade facing the public way was required to contain doors, windows, or other openings located between 2’-6” and 8’-0” above the finished ground level, with a maximum span of 25’-0” without such openings.

Omni Design, Inc. was careful to address these requirements with vertical glazing inset into vertical and horizontal building elements for change in plane, a facade pop-out with balcony for additional change in plane, and two main field colors with shared accent colors for visual interest.  The building is currently under construction.

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Contact Person

Shane Maples Vice-President and Director of Architecture

Shane Maples
Vice-President and Director of Architecture