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Brandon Marchell Welcome to the team

At Omni Design, Inc. we are known for having passionate collaborators in the fields of engineering, architecture, and above all, in life itself.

We celebrate the addition to our team of Brandon Marchell, who describes himself as someone who enjoys road trips, camping, and hiking in national parks, with a special taste for Bavarian cuisine and classic cars.

Brandon explains to us how his incorporation into engineering was and tells us about his experience during the process.

“In high school, I was inspired by Professor Cal Newport’s thesis that “Passion comes after you put in the hard work to become excellent at something valuable, not before”. I made the conscious decision to not swim upstream but to pursue what came naturally to me.” Brandon Marchell

With over a decade in the world of engineering, he will bring his experience, dedication, passion, and talent to Omni Design, Inc.

The greatest of successes!

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