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3.1 GW of new battery storage was added to the U.S. energy grid in 2021, with the majority coming from California, according to a Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Report.

Thus, this added capacity was 6.2 times the capacity added in 2020, showing a significant ramp-up in the deployment of this type of infrastructure.

California was the leader in this trend, adding 1.8GW of battery capacity in 2021, which accounted for more than half of the increase nationwide and growing capacity to 3% of the state’s energy capacity from just 0.7% in 2020. California has sought to incentivize the deployment of battery storage to meet increases in solar and wind production.

Battery storage resources provide the flexibility needed to meet those ramping needs, as they can store energy during peak solar production hours – mainly during the afternoon – and then discharge that energy during the evening ramp period – FERC Report. 

Average Net Load in CAISO in 2021
Net Load CAISO
Average Battery Storage Output in CAISO in 2021
Battery Storage CAISO
Source: Federal Energy Regulatory Commission Report

While California led the charge, battery storage capacity over last year increased in every region of the country according to the report. Overall generation capacity in 2021 grew to 789GW, the generation mix continues to see the long-term trends with natural gas-fired, wind, and solar generation plus battery storage taking a bigger share of the pie while coal-fired generation retirements continued.

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David Marchell President and Director of Engineering

David Marchell
President and Director of Engineering

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