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The Zoo Med project is located on a 9.1-acre site at the intersection of Winterhaven Way and Willow Road in Nipomo. It includes the phased construction of two 70,000-square-foot high-cube warehouses used for storage, re-packaging, and wholesale distribution of pet products and supplies.

The proposed structures are designed to fit in with the rural character of the surrounding properties by incorporating sloped roofs with overhangs, articulated facades, metal siding, and muted finishes for an agrarian style.  The standing seam roofs are white to minimize heat gain in the vicinity.

Site Improvements include new stormwater retention basins, bioswales, and other low-impact site design treatments. Additional site features include a landscape of native species, and permeable pavers for all the sidewalks and a portion of the parking lot as a measure to retain stormwater run-off, and to recharge the ground water.

Progress on the Winterhaven and Willow Distribution Center

The first phase of the project is nearing completion.  This includes construction of the first warehouse, parking lot, landscaping, and road improvements on Winterhaven Way to access the site. Phase II, expected to begin next year, will include building out the remainder of the site, and constructing road improvements on Willow Road (Highway 1).

During the planning approval process, biological assessments of the site found that the site contained the remnants of a eucalyptus plantation that once covered over 40 acres, which replaced the native vegetation.  A cluster of monarch butterflies was detected in three of the eucalyptus trees. The assessment indicated that because the trees were diseased and dying, they would not provide a viable habitat for the butterflies, so the Owner provided the Land Conservancy with funding to preserve and restore more viable monarch habitats in the coastal area where they generally over-winter; the Owner is also funding monarch butterfly education programs for schools throughout the County.   The majority of the eucalyptus trees on site were retained, and the natural vegetation restored.

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