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Understanding 24´´ x 36´´ plans is a task that may be daunting, inconvenient, a headache, or just impossible for the stakeholders that do not have a construction background. Here is how digital models will change how you interact with your project in the design process.

Digital models have been around for quite some time as part of architects’ and engineers’ design toolkit, but since there is no use for clients outside the construction industry to receive the digital models in complicated and unmanageable software that is needed to produce them, this has been greatly unnoticed. But what if clients instead received beautiful animated digital models that allow them to actually navigate them without any software requirement, and understand how their project will look and feel like in real life.

That would be a game-changer for them, and that is what we want to achieve with our clients. Taking it a step further, we can recreate these digital models into a Virtual Reality (“VR”) environment that allows people to increase the level of understanding of a project in the most intuitive way, by walking a project as they would in real life, with a real feeling of its dimensions, colors, layout, etc. VR environment is so immersive and with such a high resolution that after spending a couple of minutes you start to forget you are inside a VR headset!.

At Omni we help our clients to understand better their projects and address authorities and other stakeholders in a more appealing and intuitive way than just a set of plans. Check out some of the digital models produced for our clients in the video above and shoot us a mail if you think we can help you out with our design capabilities.

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