With the rising construction costs, builders and design companies need to deliver projects more efficiently. BIM (Building Information Modeling) and VDC (Virtual Design Construction) is not an innovation of the future but a technology that is being increasingly adopted as a productivity catalyst in the industry.

Omni Design has the skills to perform its land surveying, civil engineering, and architecture services using BIM and VDC technologies. We can also deliver BIM services to General Contractors and other AE firms by strengthening their BIM-VDC capabilities as an extension of their team, providing  BIM execution plans, managing the CDE, modeling, and much more. This allows them to keep up to date with the fast-paced advancements in technology with a flexible cost structure. 

We can assist AEC companies on a project basis or permanently with a dedicated team to help them achieve their BIM-VDC tasks and objectives. 


  • Cloud point data processing​
  • Laser scan to revit or CAD creation​
  • Conversion of 2D to 3D models ​
  • Civil works BIM modeling ​
  • Architectural BIM modeling ​
  • Structural BIM modeling ​
  • MEP BIM modeling ​
  • BEP (BIM EXECUTION PLANS) and CDE (Common Data Environment) guidelines​
  • BIM strategy consulting​
  • BIM manager outsourcing services ​
  • LOD 150 – 400 modelling​
  • Geospatial analysis​
  • Clash detection analysis​
  • 4D Construction scheduling simulation ​
  • 5D Quantity take-off for cost estimation​
  • Document management (procurement, logistics, health and safety)

These are 4 reasons why implementing these technologies makes the design and construction process more productive and efficient, especially in Design-Bild delivery where collaboration is vital between the design and build team since the project´s bidding. 

01. Time & money savings

  • Fewer change orders.
  • Less construction waste and a faster completion.
  • Accurate quantity take-off and construction estimates.
  • Allows timely procurement and construction tracking.

02. More collaboration

  • Allows multiple multi-disciplinary parties to collaborate in a virtual environment.
  • Provides everyone with a single source of truth.
  • Easier access and communication through cloud technology.

03. Improve quality

  • A master model with all trades allows early detection of collisions and design errors.
  • Modeling through each phase of construction eliminates field errors and further improves quality outcomes.

04. Increase health & safety

Allows stakeholders to simulate construction before it takes place, thus identifying safety concerns before construction begins.

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